Duran Duran

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! – Muhammad Ali







Michael Jackson and I would talked about Muhammad Ali.  I was fascinated by his rhymes as a child and the inspiration he became for many people.  Michael would go on to write the song Muhammad inspired by our conversations.






Don King who managed Muhammad Ali, and many others, managed fighter Roberto Duran at the time I met Michael Jackson.  In telling Michael Hutchence about our conversations that we decided on the name Duran for a band.  I spoke up and said, “Duran Duran!” remembering Garry Gary Beers name.







Michael Jackson then ask legendary promoter Don King to promoted the historic Jacksons Victory Tour  in 1984.











About a Girl

About a Girl.

I Heart Amy Carter

 It may or may come as  a surprise to find out that both terms Kinderwhore and Riot Grrrl originated with Kurt Cobain. 

Kurt came up with the band name Amy Carter and the idea for a fanzine (magazine) “I [Heart] Amy Carter”.  The band members consisted of Tammy Rae, Kathleen Hanna, and Heidi Aborgast.  

Kurt and I had been discussing the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter who’s home state is Georgia, same as my adopted mother’s.  I told him Amy Lynn Carter and I shared not only a first name and middle initial, but we also both have red hair.  (origin for stagename Amy Lynn) 

In 1991 Nirvana released the song On A Plain written in reference to President Jimmy Carter’s home town of Plains, Georgia.

Like A Virgin

Rock Till You Drop

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