I Heart Amy Carter

 It may or may come as  a surprise to find out that both terms Kinderwhore and Riot Grrrl originated with Kurt Cobain. 

Kurt came up with the band name Amy Carter and the idea for a fanzine (magazine) “I [Heart] Amy Carter”.  The band members consisted of Tammy Rae, Kathleen Hanna, and Heidi Aborgast.  

Kurt and I had been discussing the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter who’s home state is Georgia, same as my adopted mother’s.  I told him Amy Lynn Carter and I shared not only a first name and middle initial, but we also both have red hair.  (origin for stagename Amy Lynn) 

In 1991 Nirvana released the song On A Plain written in reference to President Jimmy Carter’s home town of Plains, Georgia.

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